Production capabilities

Production capabilities

Rezonit has two PCB production plants located in Zelenograd and Klin (Moscow region), two assembly shops and two sites of the stencils production in Klin and St. Petersburg

The Technology Park in the village Zubovo

Klin, Moscow region
Production area
6500 m2
Number of employees
570 people
Main PCB and assembly production.

Assembly production

St. Petersburg
Production area
1300 m2
Number of employees
70 people
Assembly production.

New production complex

SEZ Alabushevo, Zelenograd
Production area
15000 m2
Number of employees
500 people
The start of production is scheduled for 2023. Production and assembly of printed circuit boards, stencil production site.

About the company

Rezonit is a Russian company founded in 1997. Rezonit specializes in the contract production of electronics, express and mass production of printed circuit boards, the supply of large volume of printed circuit boards of any complexity and assembly of all types of PCB. 

Today Rezonit is No. 1 in the production of printed circuit boards and stencils for assembly in the country, and also one of the leaders in the contract electronics market in Russia. Company is among the Top 3 largest PCB suppliers from China. Turnover of the group of companies amounted to about 5.5 billion rubles in 2022. The total number of employees is more than 900 people. The company produces about 4.2 million square decimeters of printed circuit boards per year at its own production facilities, according to industry association assessments in 2021-22. Rezonit produces 23% of all printed circuit boards in Russia and 33% of multilayer printed circuit boards. 

The unique features of Rezonit consist in the unlimited technological capabilities both on the complexity of printed circuit boards and on the maximum order volume, as well as in unprecedented terms of service. The company's own production facilities allow to perform express services in the shortest time possible: printed circuit boards from 1 working day, PCB assembly from 2 working days. Product quality assurance is a key element in the production process. All stages of production in Rezonit are verified by its own multi-stage control program.

Over the years, more than 12,000 enterprises from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad have become clients of the company. Customers work in various electronics industries, including telecommunications, automotive technology, medicine, LED technology, consumer electronics.

Андрей Кучерявый
Andrew Kucheryavy

«In Rezonit we combine technology, experience and enthusiasm in order to achieve business success. Together we create the future of Russian electronics!»

We produce small and medium-sized volumes of printed circuit boards, prototypes, and also carry out assembly and stencils at our production sites. At the same time, we send large orders for production to our trusted partners in China. Our company has a longstanding experience of cooperation with Asian partners, which allows us to ensure high-quality production on time. 

Recent news

Import substitution in the PCB production

Import substitution is an incentive for the development of the local economy and the creation of new jobs

We present a dynamically updated library of materials of Rezonit to design in Altium Designer

The library includes a wide range of materials

The building of a new complex in Alabushevo is being put into operation

We plan to start producing the first products this summer

Summing up the results of the year

This year has become an anniversary for our company

New Year holidays: important information

Pay attention to the projected delivery dates of PCBs with a standard production time due to the upcoming New Year holidays and Chinese New Year.

We offer our clients and partners to take advantage of electronic document management (EDM)

EDM (electronic document management) is the exchange of electronic documents via secure communication channels