SMT Equipment
SMT Equipment


Our equipment meets the needs of the growing market requests to offer competitive technological solutions: we keep investing in the most High-Tech equipment and software.

SMT Equipment

Assembleon AX 501

High-speed pick&place machine AX501 by Assembleon, up to 120000 comp/hour, components from 01005 to 45x45mm

Assembleon AX 201

High-precision pick&place machine AX201 by Assembleon, up to 18000 comp/hour, components from 01005 to 79x130mm

Assembleon MG-1

Pick&place machine MG-1 by Assembleon, up to 24000 comp/hour, components from 01005 to 45x100mm

Orbotech Vantage S2

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Orbotech Vantage S22 for solder joints inspection

Viscom S3088

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Viscom S3088 flex for solder joints inspection

X-RAY Inspection system

X-RAY Inspection system Dage for solder joints quality inspection of BGA, QFN and other complex components

Electrovert Omniflo

Electrovert Omniflo reflow oven with 7 heating and 2 cooling zones

Ersa Hotflow 2/14

Ersa Hotflow 2/14 reflow oven with 7 heating and 2 cooling zone, ready for lead-free soldering


The oven is equipped with 6 heating zones, pin-chain conveyor for heavy or flexible PCBs transportation. Ready for lead-free soldering

Reflow Oven Heller

Advanced reflow oven Heller 1826 mark5 provide consistent performance for high volume requirements

Speedline MPM Momentum

Automatic Speedline MPM Momentum printer for solder paste printing


Full 3D Solder Paste Inspection  KOHYOUNG KY8030-2

PSB500- H70, Kolb GmbH

Automatic high volume PCB cleaning system for assembled PCBs PSB500- H70, Kolb GmbH


Ultrasonic cleaning with oscillation. Elmasonic X-tra pro modules are ideal for various cleaning tasks.