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Modernization of production equipment



Modernization of production equipment

In order to guarantee the best quality to our customers Rezonit constantly improves quality control of technological processes. Our company continues developing technological standards for our products and investing in additional technological equipment:

  • Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Orbotech Discovery II for inner and outer layers inspection (Israel) as a fifth machine at our venues
  • High-speed legend printer Orbotech Sprint 110  (Israel) as a third machine in our venues
  • Installation of  HASL machine Penta 580 by Pentagal (Germany) as a second machine in our venues
  • 4-spindle drilling machine with all linear motors HiCNC (China)
  • High-precision V-cut unit for printed circuit boards SCM 411 by LHMT GmbH (Germany)

Rezonit is pleased to be your reliable business partner by providing high quality products and services in PCB & PCBA manufacturing as well as in Stencils production. We are grateful to our regular customers and invite new clients for cooperation!