Expanding the range of high-frequency materials: F4BM255
Expanding the range of high-frequency materials: F4BM255



Expanding the range of high-frequency materials: F4BM255

We continue to expand the range of materials for the production of high-frequency and hybrid printed circuit boards in our Russian production - now you can place orders on materials of the WANGLING company - F4BM255.

F4BM255 is a PTFE reinforced with fiberglass. The material has been tested and has similar characteristics to AD255 and FAF-4D.

Dk = 2.55 ±0.05 (10 GHz);

Df=0.0013 (10 GHz)

Laminate production is carried out on the basis of modern scientific developments and strict compliance with the technological process.

Application areas:

  • As the base of printed circuit boards operating in the high-frequency range, capable of long-term operation in the temperature range from -60 to +260 ° C;
  • Manufacture of printed circuit boards with high-frequency strip lines, antenna elements and other high-frequency equipment products.

At the moment, the WANGLING materials in the warehouse are presented in series: 

  • F4BM255 (material with similar characteristics of AD255 and FAF-4D)

  • WL-CT338 (Dk=3.38) (material with similar characteristics Ro4003C)

  • WL-CT350 (Dk=3.48) (material with similar characteristics Ro4350B)

  • WL-PP350 (Dk=3.50) (material with similar characteristics Ro4450F)

The main technical characteristics of the F4BM255 material are presented in the specification. In our production, the F4BM255 is used only for single-sided PCBs and double-sided PCBs. 

For an accurate calculation, send your project to pcb@rezonit.ru or place an order in your Personal Account, see the section for the list of documentation required for registration Making an order.

To order double-sided, multilayer and hybrid printed circuit boards, you should get acquainted with the technological capabilities of production.  Special technologies for high-frequency boards are also available for registration: reverse drilling, milling to a depth, end metallization. More details

Due to the availability of materials in our warehouses, we offer unique production times on the Russian market - from 3 working days.  

For all questions, as before, please contact your personal managers or call 8 800 777 8118