Import substitution in the PCB manufacture and assembly: Russian equipment, materials and software at our production sites
Import substitution in the PCB production



Import substitution in the PCB production

Our company strives to contribute to the development not only of radio electronics and the production of printed circuit boards, but also of related industries — the development and creation of production equipment and necessary materials. 

At the moment, we are continuing the process of purchasing domestic equipment for new production as part of our own program to create a sanctions-resistant fleet of equipment and technologies. One of the most difficult areas in terms of technology in the manufacture of printed circuit boards is the process of immersion gold. We are proud to say that this process will be carried out on Russian equipment and with the use of domestic chemicals at the new production facility. In January, we signed a contract for the development and manufacture of an automatic immersion gold line according to the technical specifications of our technologists. It should be noted that at our production site of printed circuit boards in Zubovo, we have been using, among other things, Russian technologies for the immersion gold line for several months.

Import substitution also affected the contract and assembly production — we decided to equip the new assembly shop with Russian equipment and software. Over the past few years, a team of young developers from Taganrog has achieved impressive results in the development of equipment by launching a machine for assembling small series of electronic modules on the market. After testing, we decided to invest in the development and production of a full-fledged assembly line for the tasks of our assembly shop. 

Software for monitoring and integration of equipment into the production environment is also planned to be developed domestically - this is a joint project of Rezonit with an IT company that supplies integrated solutions for the production of electronics, and will provide technical support for the project and the development of specialized software for managing production processes.

The use of domestic equipment and materials for the production and assembly of printed circuit boards reduces the risks associated with changes in the external economic situation and fluctuations in the exchange rate and decreases transportation costs, taxes associated with imports, which can have a positive effect on reducing the final cost of manufacturing products. In general, import substitution is an incentive for the development of the local economy and the creation of new jobs.