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Stencil production news



Stencil production news

We continue to upgrade stencil cutting sites in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Thanks to the introduction of new technologies in 2018 into production, we offer the following new services:

Finish polishing of stencils using the “PlasmaClean” technology, which allows smoothing the surface of the aperture walls, debleeding, derusting, “micro-splashing” of the metal, as well as reducing the surface roughness of the working area of ​​the stencil. Final polishing is important for the best quality of paste application.

Multi-level stencils with different metal thicknesses in different areas of the stencil. The StepUp and StepDown methods are performed on any side of the stencil. This technology allows applying a paste of different thickness on a single printed circuit board for the components with different requirements for the amount of paste.

Stencils on proper aluminum frame. The option is especially important for mass production and for plants with a small range of products, as these stencils have an improved useful life;

Stencils with reinforced edges. The technology of reinforcing the edge zones is especially relevant when using steel of small thickness (80 - 100 microns) with frequent stencil changes on the multi-purpose frame.

Express delivery of stencils is carried out by DHL to most cities in the European part of Russia, as well as to Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk and Omsk in 1 business day.