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MIET: from theory to practice



MIET: from theory to practice

Effective interaction between the university and the manufacturing company always helps to improve the quality of training. Rezonit seeks to contribute to the practical knowledge enrichment of technically gifted young students of MIET. Students of the Institute of Nano- and Microsystem Technologies and the Institute of Micro-Instruments and Control Systems attended a lecture from our company expert about typical errors of designing multi-layer printed circuit boards, and visited Rezonit Techpark in Zubovo.

During the career-oriented tour around production facilities, students were able to see all the stages of manufacturing printed circuit boards: from photolithography to finishing control, the assembly of electronic modules in the areas of automatic and manual assembly, and also became acquainted with the technology of manufacturing stencils for SMD assembly. Thanks to the activities carried out, students gained insight into the practical application of knowledge acquired during training courses.

Watch the video that students made after visiting Techpark Rezonit on our channel