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Production modernization at Rezonit



Production modernization at Rezonit

We are constantly improving technical and quality characteristics of our products and continue to invest in new equipment.

As part of the technical modernization in 2019, a printed circuit board factory in Zubovo is being upgraded at several sites:
• The launch of a new precision line of vacuum etching can significantly improve the etch factor and etch uniformity, which is especially important for class 5 boards and higher, as well as HDI printed circuit boards. Due to the vacuum extraction of the etching solution from the panel surface, the side wall of the conductor is almost vertical, and there is no difference in etching between the upper and lower sides of the panel.
• To expand the production capacity of flexible and flex-rigid printed circuit boards, a vacuum laminator is put into operation, which will expand the range of applied cover films and masks.
• To increase the productivity of the machining section, a drilling machine with high-speed spindles, as well as additional milling machines, are put into operation.
• For a spray mask application we are purchasing SmartSpray equipment. Spray application prevents the mask from getting inside the holes, and forms a layer of uniform thickness on the surface, almost independent of the pattern. The launch of the line will improve the stability of the mask coating thickness, regardless of the layout density and vias of small diameter.

  A high-performance selective soldering line of DIP components with two robots is launched at the automatic assembly site. The line automates manual labor for high-volume production, ensuring consistent quality of component assembly.

For medium-volume production, the iFlex line with two installers (T2 and H1) from Kulicke & Soffa (Assembleon) is put into operation. The iFlex line uses the latest tools and technology to ensure the highest quality products with less than 1 defect per million.

 New equipment is put into operation within the framework of the general concept of smart production with use of MES - Manufacturing Execution System.