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PCB INSIGHT - new service for DRC and DFM checks



PCB INSIGHT - new service for DRC and DFM checks

We are happy to announce new free online service in the Rezonit User Account - PCB Insight. It is created for DRC and DFM checks of PCB gerber files.

PCB Insight automatically checks gerber files and gives a summary report with detailed graphic images of problem areas (problems of topology and manufacturability of the printed circuit board).
The interactive report may be filtered layer by layer.
The online service was developed by Rezonit development team on the basis of the Frontline solution and, to date, it's the only similar service in Russia. PCB Insight is made for engineers who are not familiar with the CAM files preparation details and works in any browser.

Obtaining technical recommendations online helps engineers to make the right and cost-effective decision on the PCB project quickly.

To check, log in or register in the User Account, add a new PCB, download the Gerber file and get a detailed report on your project.

Watch the video tutorial on how to use the service on our channel or try online demo version of the report.