PCBA production time reduced
PCBA production time reduced



PCBA production time reduced

We are constantly working to reduce time at all stages of the production process, as we understand that the time of the product's market entry is crucial for electronics designers.

Starting from February 25, we offer new reduced terms for printed circuit boards assembly without additional costs for urgency:

·         SMT - 3 working days;

·         manual PCB assembly - 5 working days.

How did we do it? In 2019, we invested in the latest production equipment and latest control systems, which made it possible to perform product PCBA faster. Lead time reduction applies to all our PCBA sites - both at the Moscow region and Saint-Petersburg.

Please note that we also offer packaged components supply for your product to optimize purchasing and logistics operations.

Find out more about the technological capabilities of PCBA and packaged components supply on our website.