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PCB production news



PCB production news

Dear customers!

We are completing the transition to the updated standard PCB stackup of multilayer printed circuit boards.

When making changes, we took into account the current requirements for the technological characteristics of printed circuit boards and replaced the standard material FR4 KB-6160 with material KB-6165F with improved characteristics and glass transition temperature Tg150

With new standard stackup, it will be easier for electronics engineers to design high-speed lines, including those with controlled impedance.

The following standard stackups of multilayer printed circuit boards (Tg130) are subject to changes: with a base thickness of 18 microns: 6-layer, 8-layer; with a base thickness of 35 microns: 4-layer, 6-layer, 8-layer.

Updated standard stackups are adopted for all new orders from June 1, and for re-orders from June 15. Multi-layer printed circuit boards using the Tg150 material with the old parameters will be available for order as non-standard stackup.

See the description of updated stackup in our Support Center .

If you have any questions about your PCB designs due to these changes, please contact us pcb@rezonit.ru marked "question about new stackup”.