High Speed materials are available at our production in Russia
New High Speed Materials



New High Speed Materials

High Speed materials, a new category of PCB materials with a high data transfer rate, are available at our production in Russia. This category of fiberglass is particularly relevant for data storage systems, routers, supercomputers, antennas, transceivers, and other products where high data transfer rates are important.

Recently, we have received requests for the production of boards on high speed materials and we are pleased to announce the material lineup expansion in our Russian production: you can place orders for the Taiwan Union Technology Corporation (TUC) materials, now TU-872 SLK series is available. The main technical characteristics of high speed materials are presented in the specification and correspond to the data of the FR4 materials.

The production time of printed circuit boards on the new material starts from 7 working days. We are ready to consider purchasing other series of materials from Taiwan Union Technology Corporation (TUC) for your projects.

To estimate the cost, please send your project to pcb@rezonit.ru. Placing an order on high speed materials will be available in your Personal Account soon. For more detailed information about the technological capabilities of production and the availability of materials, please click the link