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Students of MIET visited Rezonit



Students of MIET visited Rezonit

At the end of April, MIET students, who are engaged in the elective course " Electronic equipment design" in the competence center for end-to-end design of information management and radio engineering systems of the Institute of microdevices and control systems, visited the Rezonit Technology Park in the village Zubovo. Future engineers got acquainted with the full production cycle of an electronic module during a career guidance tour. They saw how printed circuit boards are made, a stencil is cut and components are assembled. 

Designing a ready-to-use module is not an easy task, and in order to get an excellent result, it is important to take into account many technological features of production. After the excursion, students noted that they would pay special attention to the design, taking into account the production capabilities, as they saw how the theoretical foundations and the real production environment are connected.

In September 2018, the Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology (IMCS) and the company Rezonit signed an agreement to implement student projects and to conduct training events within the framework of training courses by experts of our company.

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