Introducing layer stacks with high glass transition Temperature FR4 High Tg170
Introducing layer stacks with FR4 High Tg170



Introducing layer stacks with FR4 High Tg170

Dear Clients!

We've upgraded our multilayer layer stacks with Tg170 glass transition material - these stacks are now available with no minimum order quantity.

The use of FR4 High Tg significantly improves the quality and reliability of printed circuit boards - assembly, use and repair of finished printed circuit boards becomes more cost-effective.    

FR4 High Tg170 boards withstand higher operating temperatures, often used in the automotive industry.

Benefits of Tg170: 

  • highly stable and reliable material

  • great for lead-free soldering 

  • high thermostability 

  • low CTE 

  • temperature stability 

  • moisture resistance 

Layer stacks on Tg150 also remain available without a minimum order quantity. 

Layer stacks are standard practice in PCB manufacturing, with each manufacturer creating their own designs. These stacks allow customers to optimize cost and production time, as the speed of standard operations increases. You can learn more about stacks of multilayer printed circuit boards (4,6,8 layers) that are used in our production on the website

If you have questions about your PCB projects due to changes in layer stacks, please write to marked “stacks question”.