Klin employees were awarded at the Technology Park in Zubovo
Klin employees were awarded at the Technology Park



Klin employees were awarded at the Technology Park

Before the Day of Russia at the PCB production in Zubovo, there was a solemn rewarding of the staff of Rezonit, in which participated Alena Dmitrievna Sokolskaya, Head of the Klin District. 

Alena Dmitrievna congratulated on the upcoming holiday and presented the staff of our company with a gratitude letter for conscientious work and high professionalism. 

The achievements of 12 Klin employees were noted and highly appreciated with special distinctions for active work and personal contribution to the development of the company. 

“We employ people of various professions who ensure the production of high-quality electronics with their work and professionalism. Thanks to you, we are constantly moving forward and developing the industry as a whole. Thank you for your dedication!” - said the founder and CEO of Rezonit Andrey Ilyich Kucheryavy. 

As you already know, this year Rezonit celebrated its 25th anniversary, 15 of which are closely connected with the Klin city district in the Moscow region and its citizens. Together we created our flagship production in the village of Zubovo, went through difficulties and trials, developed technologies, improved processes and created jobs.

We thank the Chairman of the Moscow Regional Duma, Igor Yuryevich Bryntsalov, and the Head of the Klin District, Alena Dmitrievna Sokolskaya, for their trust and appreciation of our work. We will continue to work for the future of Russian electronics!

Photos and videos from the awards ceremony can be found via link.