We launched trafarez.ru - a special project for engineers
We launched trafarez.ru - special project for engineers



We launched trafarez.ru - special project for engineers

On the website trafarez.ru you can quickly calculate the cost of your stencil and place an order, find answers to frequently asked questions, as well as instructions for the correct preparation of documentation for the production of a stencil.

As practice shows, in mass production, in order to increase the service life of stencils with frequent use, it is necessary to use such options as reinforcing the edge of the stencil and stencil on its own frame. You can learn more about these and other necessary services to ensure the quality of product assembly in the Services section.  

You can learn more about the main types of solders and pastes that we offer in the Soldering Products section. You will find specifications, thermal profiles and specifications for lead-containing, lead-free and water-washable solder pastes; bar and tube solders. 

In the Storage Accessories section, you can learn about ways to facilitate the production routine in the PCBA site. 

We plan to develop the site and fill it with unique information on this topic. We hope that this project will make it easier for you to select and order stencils. 

If you want to consult on the production of stencils, the choice of solder pastes and solders - call 8 800 777 8118 or write to order@trafarez.ru, we will help you choose the best options for your tasks.