New high frequency materials available at Russian production
New high frequency materials are available



New high frequency materials are available

Dear Clients,

we are pleased to inform that we expanded  the range of materials for the production of high frequency and hybrid printed circuit boards in our Russian production - now you can place orders for WANGLING materials, which are currently in stock in series:

WL-CT338 (Dk=3.38) (material with similar characteristics to Ro4003C)

WL-CT350 (Dk=3.48) (material with similar characteristics to Ro4350B)

WL-PP350 (Dk=3.50) (material with similar characteristics to Ro4450F)

The main technical characteristics of the materials are presented in the data sheet  You can examine the test report via link.

The production of high frequency and hybrid boards on new materials allows you to save on the final cost of products, and also not to depend on the supply of Rogers materials in the future.

For an accurate calculation, send your project to or place an order in your Personal account, you can examine list of documents required for registration in the Ordering section.

To order double-sided, multilayer and hybrid printed circuit boards, check out the Technological capabilities of production. You can also order special technology for high frequency PCBs: backdrilling, depth milling, edge plating. Learn more

We recommend to choose WANGLING materials for your product, but you can also order Rogers materials as long as they are available in our warehouse.

Due to the availability of materials in our warehouses, we offer unique lead times on the Russian market - from 3 working days.

For all questions, as before, please contact your personal managers or call 8 800 777 8118.